Storage Options for International Moving, Household Goods and Trade Show Materials

Storage for later delivery and unpacking or for extra household and personal items

The Best Storage Facility.

One of the most modern facilities in Canada.

Fully sprinklered fire protection.

Completely pest controlled concrete structure.

Climatically controlled environment suitable for art gallery storage.

The majority of clients who personally compare our facility select it.

Security cameras record all areas 24/7 and augment burglar and fire alarms.

A clean place to store your possessions.

Bekins has one of the largest most modern facilities in Canada. It is fully sprinklered, pest controlled and climatically controlled. We pride ourselves on the fact that the majority of customers who take the time to personally compare our concrete facility to others select it to store their valued possessions. They find that:
  • security is paramount with cameras recording all areas of the operation 24/7
  • high security fire and burglar alarms are professionally monitored 24/7
  • goods deposited, can rest assured of finding one of the safest facilities anywhere
  • most of all there is cleanliness offered at one of the most up storage options in the industry.

Storage Methods

International Shipping Transferred to Local Delivery Packing Methods1.Traditional "Palletized" Storage
Generally, this method is used in local situations, and for any type or length ofstorage term. Pallets or storage vaults are clean wooden storage crates specifically designed to store household goods. Their approximate 6ft? X 7ft? X 7ft? holdsapproximately 1.5 rooms of furniture. When loaded into specially designed "curtain-side vans", we can safely transport up to five units directly to your home facilitating direct loading or unloading. This significantly reduces the handling of your possessions, resulting in lower costs and reduced risks. We offer palletized storage at over 220 facilities across Canada.

Container Shipping for International Ocean Transit2.Container Service
This storage method is used for international transport, with varying storage components of up to six months. Bekins shipping containers are government certified intermodal containers that have been modified withextra insulation and specially lined. They are equipped with furniture pads, straps and state of the art load restraint systems to coverand secure your goods during transit. Their 8ft X 8ft X 20ft size holds approximately 6 rooms of furniture. We can transport up to 3 at a time.They can also be dropped off at your site for on-site storage or self-loading.

Storage Security

High Performance and Specialty Container Ocean ShipmentAll containers are fibreglass and steel providing a clean, safe, weatherproof environment. Eachcontainer is equipped with ample furniture pads, straps and state of the art load restraint systemsto cover and secure your goods during transit. Doors have been engineered with tamper proof hardwarefor maximum security. If you wish, Bekins will arrange for you to padlock and seal your own containers,to be unlocked and unsealed by you at destination.

Versatile Dispatch

The computerized satellite communications network monitors the movement of your container fromorigin to destination. Should your delivery schedule change, the shipment dynamics can be changed,delayed or rerouted to suit your needs.

Storage in Transit

When the new home at destination is not ready, or you cannot accept immediate delivery, yourbelongings can be kept in the original shipping container for up to 30 days. In off peak periods,an additional 30 day extension may be also be available.

Specialized Personnel

Specially equiped trucks for international movesYou can be sure that your shipment will be taken care of by qualified professionals trained inthis mode of transportation, offering your goods maximum care and protection. Feel secure in thefact that the Bekins team are working hard to make your move enjoyable and worry free.

Air Ride... To further protect your personal property while in transit, the container trailer isequipped with air-ride suspension. This ensures a smooth, even ride by fully equalizing bumps and turns in the road. This special feature, and our handling techniques, have given Bekins one of the lowest claim ratios in the industry.

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