Special Needs and Concerns We Work Hard to Respect and Fulfil

   Each client has needs and priorities that extend from low prices to taking care of their special treasures.

For example, this partially restored 1913 Chalmers automobile needed to be transported from a rural workshop to the international port at Vancouver BC, prepared and mounted in a container for shipment by sea to England in June of 2015.
• It needed more than just processing the paperwork to cross boarders.
• Yes there was special mounting and blocking in the container.
• Yes all the century old manuals and paperwork was checked into water tight secure packaging.
• Yes the car was wrapped and padded.
• It was a work of love and care.

• The instruments, the parts tool box and even its old horn needed to arrive respecting both their age and importance to the task of this restoration.

   In another example, during June 2015. a client needed to ship a motorcycle within a very tight budget. By shipping including it in a container, without the automotive wrapping and crating but still using cardboard boundary blocks and anchored with footing and straps, we were able to work within their budgets. Different needs and priorities bring the special ways to help the client our customers have grown to expect and appreciate.

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