Managing the International Move

There are many dimensions to a successful international move.

Assemble those involved into a team.

Involve and engage family members.

Select your new residence.

Maintain old friendships and establish new ones.

Clarify destination requirements.

List the activities you will need your move to include.

Know how you will follow up to confirm completion of each.

It starts months ahead of time by assembling those involved into a working team. The team should also include family members and managers whowill be indirectly affected. About a month and a half before the expectedmove date the plans willbegin to start executing as cost estimates come close enough to the move date to be more realistic.Two to four weeks before the move date, issues will need to be addressed. Two weeksprior to the move re arranging relationships, work assignments and confirmation of schedule expectations for the move management are daily work.

How To Involve The Family?
It's time to move. There are tons of arrangements to make and a long list of "things to do."In all of the hustle and bustle, it is easy to overlook people that we are often very concernedabout in the upcoming move, the children and family members. Children have feelings too. Parents,not friends or relatives, should be the first to inform the children they are moving. Once theyhave been told of the relocation, their questions and feelings will need attention, as they surface.If small children have difficulty understanding what is happening in the world around them, parentsmight consider reading storybooks or colouring books with moving related topics. Getting the childrenactive in the move preparation eases their tensions. Here are some suggestions for concerned parents.

Family planning an internation relocationA Family Affair
We feel moving shouldbe a family affair. Get every family member involved in the move from the beginning. Encourage thefamily to start with a viewing of our "Let's Get A Move On" video, a kid?s video guide to a familymove, available from your Bekins International Moving Consultant. After everyone has seen the programand has a better idea of what to expect during the moving process, we suggest asking questions tofind out what the children are thinking and feeling. Ask your Bekins Moving Consultant for anyadditional procedural information the family may need. We also feel that learning more about thenew city can stir some excitement about moving.

Selecting the New Residence
Allowingthe children to assist, or at least participate in the selection of the new home is another positivestep. Encourage the children to make a list of their ideal home (eg. by school, by a park, room tomyself, big yard with a swimming pool, etc.) in the new city. Of course, you can't promise thechildren will get everything on their "wish list", but it does give some indication of what wouldhelp them to adjust to the new environment much quicker . When the budget permits, it wouldn't hurtto take the children along for the final house-hunting trip to see where they are going to be living.When the budget doesn't permit such a trip, take pictures of the home for the children. One lastsuggestion regarding the new home is to draw a floor plan of each of the children's rooms and letthem start deciding where they want to place their belongings when they get there.
Preparing to Move

A lot of preparationmust occur before the actual move takes place. Assign the children some responsibilities so that theyfeel needed during the rush. Some of the duties might include sorting out old toys or clothes;assisting with a garage sale; writing out change of address cards, mailing cards to old friends withthe new address; and getting the pets ready to move, just to name a few.

Maintaining and Establishing Friendships
New friends at the destination of your international move.Goodfriends, in children's eyes are hard to come by. Frequently a child doesn't want to move becausethey are afraid of losing their only friends in the world. Parents can help reduce this anxietywith a few simple steps. First, make every effort to find at least one pen pal, per child, in the newcity. Contact the school to find out who your child can write to get an insight into the school andthe area. This activity also provides the child with an instant friend the first day of school. Next,let the children know that they can still write or call their friends and relatives in their old cityeven after they have moved. It may even be reassuring for the children to know they can visit the oldneighbourhood friends or relatives each summer. Permit the children to have a party with their friendsbefore they move and encourage a neighbourhood "get together" with the new friends once they get tothe new home. There is nothing worse for children than to feel alone. By taking steps to overcomethis fear, helps children adjust to the new environment much quicker.

What to do about destination entry requirements and taxes?
Your Bekins assigned coordinators will be able to supply you with general guidelines about your destination entry requirements and taxes as well as answerother questions you may have. The years of Bekins experience is there for your benefit. The list of inventory you and your assigned coordinator have built for this move will be needed to put the implicationsof entry requirements and taxes into perspective. Usually the goods and personal items are allowed to enteryour new country without significant duty tax or restriction implications.None the less, contacting the embassy, consulate or trade mission of the countries involved is the way to verify the specific orexact nature and latest changes impacting destination requirements and taxes.

How will the handling of the items being moved take place?
Your Bekins assigned coordinators will outlinethe type of equipment being used and provide the schedule that can be refereed to a "air ride" trailertrucks, pre pack crews, air freight containers, lift vans with palletized containers or steam ship cargocontainers show up on site. The goods will be packed by specialists to reduce damage possibility. They will work to effectively use container space and allowed weight. The move may have parallel componentswith parts using steamship, parts using air freight and parts depending on storage so as to allowdestination coordination to be smooth and reduce the move in impact stress. This always depends onthe needs of the particular move. With costs based on total volume and / or weight of these goods the precise volume only is evident afterevery thing is loaded. Packing correctly and optimizing shipment methods are significant ways werespect your need for value. Rest assured the careful crating, packing, wrapping and padding of eachitem will take place based on the type of transportation being used. Should you choose to pack some items they will be included in the desiredcomponent of the transportation and destination phases but remember that packed by owner items can not beincluded in the protection package.

Help moving into your new home in another countryWhat can be expected at the destination?
The Bekins assigned coordinators will provide the time line, people and equipment, and tasks you can expect to take place. The hundreds of agents and affiliates used throughout the world provides a proven network of results. These partnersmeet the highest level of criteria (i.e. such as membership in the international movers forwarding associations) in each destination to assure the best level of responsibility to deliver the bestquality moving experience possible. As shipments arrive at the destination the coordination of planswill again turn into results that flexibly deal with the uncertainties of the new environment to fitthe needs of the people involved.

Bekins also offers a comprehensive array of fee-based relocation services to compliment each move; includingcross-cultural and language training, visa processing, school search, housing assistance and other settling in services.

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