ship your vehicle internationally

Moving a Car Collection

    The nature of car collections includes everything from fully restored treasures to varying degrees of work in progress. We understand theimportance of handling those works in progress with care. The main vehicle or body follows the contained and enclosed shipping model. The components on the other hand are handled under a modified home goods packing and handling model. This allows our specialists in each area to use their experience to the benefit of the client.

    • Maximum Protection is a key concern.

    • Professional Loading is the foundation.

    • Enclosed Shipping is a proven method.

    • Documentation Specialists minimize obstacles.

Each owner and vehicle present unique needs and different realities.

  – Vehicle loading that respects car structure.

  – Shipments for the UK are dramatically different from ones for China.

  – Appropriate Insurance for this specific shipment.

  – Protective vehicle wrapping for sea humidity changes when air shipment is used.

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